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We provide a non-fussy and relaxing approach. Whether you need to look good for a meeting, need a fresh new look or something for a special occasion we've got it covered.

Gents hair
Cut, Dry and Straighten from £19.00
Wash, Cut and Finish from £17.00
Spray Down Cut from £12.00
Shoe Shine Colour from £11.50
Boys hair
Wash, Cut, and Dry from £12.00
Spray Down Cut between £6.00 - £9.00
Shoe Shine Colour from £6.50
Male grooming
Back wax £27.00
Chest and stomach wax £27.00
Chest wax £15.00
Stomach wax £15.00
Back, chest and stomach wax £40.00
Eye brow wax £6.50
FOR MEN C+ Energy

A Face and Body treatment to re-energize! Based on a cocktail of plant extracts and vitamins, this therapy has been designed to specifically meet the needs of men's skin, often irritated by the daily ritual of shaving. This facial therapy is combined with a 30 minute relaxing 'Chi-Zen' back massage, the perfect way to unwind! 1hr 30mins

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